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How to Avoid Disasters in Commercial Landscaping by Ottawa Commercial Landscape Contractors

By Jesse Sheppard, Commercial Landscape Contractor | Ottawa | Updated: January 2018

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Where most Property Managers, Project Managers, and Residential Boards get overwhelmed with commercial landscaping is the design process.

Probably because there are so many to design options to consider:

  • 100s of crops to choose from
  • Variety of lights
  • Structural components,
  • Long term upkeep and maintenance

Then managing costs and bids from quality Ottawa Commercial Landscape Contractors.

The real problem is once you, your residents, or board start landscaping withOUT a pre-formed idea, it may quickly appear like a task that’s going to be too much.

What we find with our clients for commercial landscaping in Ottawa to be tremendously helpful is start with only a few suggestions and a ideas from the stakesholders, then we provide the following guidelines to begin the wheels of inspiration turning…

The Construction

Yes the landscaping design should improve and draw the eye to the building to overtake it or draw of the eye away, but if you don’t consider the construction you’re going to have a disaster on your hands – much like current president.

You must think of construction when you’re landscaping before brainstorming your design ideas.

For example, if your condo complex can seem imposing placed to a field of plants, but you you want your landscaping create a more welcoming atmosphere and to outline your building.

Then work up your admissions(admissions are where you welcome in customers, clients, workers, and investors) therefore use landscaping to increase the type of welcome and work up the entries they provide. For example, plants and flowers which have a low height, as to not obstruct any entrances and vibrant bright colours are ideal for drawing individuals from the outside into your company with a welcoming feel.


The same thinking should apply to your landscape care. What do you need when they arrive: a drab cinderblock, or lovingly landscaping customers to see?

The way needs to be clear to make the entry inviting. Maintain the path clear and clean, and avoid putting a lot of plants out to make it possible for visitors to get in and out.

Whatever you plant, you add new colour and energy into your property. What might look like an office park can appear lively with some color. You need to consider how much maintenance the flowers will add, when will they bloom and for how long, and will they work for the Ottawa commercial landscaping climate.

Also the right furniture may add character. Chairs and some stylish benches will look great, and they provide a place to visitors and workers.

You can also add other decorations or sculptures.

You need to try to have the lawn mowed during growing season to maintain the grass blades. Edging the turf keeps the lawn looking its best while also creating a separation between the grass and plant\/flower beds. You need to keep grass if you border the turf every time you mow the lawn.


With regards to watering of the commercial landscape maintenance in Ottawa, needs to be highly considered. In case the ground under the turf seems soggy, consider cutting back watering, or even looking at drainage or even aeration. During dry seasons, your turf may need water 3 to 5 times a week.

Increased Productivity

Everybody loves a well manicured landscape for their Ottawa commercial enterprise. There is a lot more productivity reason to landscape.

The fact is, steady upkeep provides a better working environment for workers and increases. There are several ways that hiring a landscaping service might help you earn money and increase productivity.

Productivity: Studies show that individuals work more efficiently and more efficiently when they’re encompassed by natural elements. Landscapes can be designed to create. Blossoms and trees will assist keep your workers happy, and happy workers lead to happy customers.

Increase Sales

Businesses that spend a while to decorate their appearances are viewed as detail oriented and active.

Clients will presume that the level of maintenance will be given to them, and are going to realize that you care enough to keep your own space.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco Friendliness: Dedication to upkeep demonstrates that a company cares about that the environment.

Designing a space exude dedication to the native plants of an area in a manner that is subtle. Since “Going green” is a portion of daily activity, existing and prospective customers are going to realize that you care about the community health.

Increase Market Value

Attractive spaces lead to increased market value. By hiring a commercial landscaping company for your Ottawa property, you assist increase the value of that space, and also the areas surrounding it.

Boosting the market value causes a Trickle down effect: other companies will implement business upkeep as well, thus making the whole area more profitable.

Criteria to Consider BEFORE Engaging a Commercial Landscaping Company in Ottawa

Increases in buying power and consumer income, a focus on leisure time, consumers and a heightened focus on loved ones values are all positive points for boosting Ottawa commercial landscaping services budget.

In concept, advertising services and marketing goods are the same. Some features that distinguish goods and services and goods create opportunities and challenges for service companies such as commercial landscaping companies in Ottawa.

Approaches and the tactics used in goods marketing are inappropriate for providers promotion, and it results in an advertising and marketing plan that is different.

When considering a company, consider, does the company:

  • Workers to interact professionally with clients,
  • Have a designated foreman who’s educated
  • Courteous and ready to go this extra mile to answer your needs of

Since a service’s product depends every unit of the service is different from other units of the service. Services are extremely perishable and can’t be stored, and the demand for solutions frequently fluctuates considerably by season.

As many Ottawa commerical Landscape contractors are entrepreneurs of services, you should understand the how long they have been in business, are the committed to staying business longer than five (5) years, and they honest and have integrity.

Landscaping Business is Blooming

According to Green Industry Pros fall survey suggest that 2015 is a good year to its commercial landscaping services Ottawa industry.

A little over 50% of builders say sales have been up high this year, both in installation, maintenance, lawn maintenance and irrigation.

Following year, approximately two thirds expect to grow sales. Few expect to see a revenue decrease in any of their four service areas.

Based on IBISWorld, a research company with offices in LA and NY, found that improvements will continue to through 2020 and in construction and housing starts have helped propel the business for the last several years.

Helping the industry will be a steady increase in an aging population that’s in need including lawn maintenance and landscaping, and per capita income.

Commercial Contractors in Ottawa will have to continue to create progress. A little more than half feel comfortable about increasing prices.

Many builders plan to:

  • increase 46% in installation
  • 37% in upkeep, prices on the most of their balances
  • 39% in maintenance
  • 42% in installation
  • 45% plan to add more following year, none plan to cut back.
  • Approximately 20% added managers, revenue and administrative personnel this year.
  • Few plan to cut back on that this kind of staff next year.

Increased business along with increased pricing typically lead to a rise in landscaping costs, provided that those increases space any rise in the cost of conducting business.

Considering Boards

Landscape care for your Condo Owner Boards does more than preserve property value a landscape sets a favorable first impression for guests and residents.

Criteria for Choosing Commercial Landscaping Company in Ottawa

Create specifications for landscape care services companies that is desired.

It’ll be simpler to compare offers from various Ottawa commercial landscape maintenance service companies whether you’ve got a consistent set of specs.

Consider the following:

  • Are trees on the premises included in the bid?
  • A schedule for jobs and regular maintenance visits
  • Make sure to also include any special regions of concern for your organization
  • A specs bundle could include a plot map of your property in question, a references petition
  • A description of landscaping demands
  • A card for the right contact person

There are dozens of landscape care service providers in the region around Ottawa. Landscaping businesses vary by professionalism, service quality, cost and more.

It’s very important to be submitted for bids on your specifications, to find the landscape care service partner for your property. As always, it may take a while to find a vendor that is stellar.

There is a general guideline to choose your landscaping partner at least before you’d like the services – that suggests you should get all bids at least two months.

Collect 3 bids and meet to walk your premises and clarify any queries. This face-to face meeting will assist that you get an intuitive feel for whether every landscaping seller will be an excellent Match for your own board and the needs of your own property.

For Usual Or Industrial Properties

You don’t have an outdoor space it becomes hard to determine if a landscape maintenance service should be chosen by you. Employ a company, or maybe you may decide to take action on one’s own.

You may face the inability to do things and the dearth of knowledge on the topic might damage your business or you.

Your company demands the maintenance of more than half acre of space, in care for house lawns residential builders, which focus, may not be your best option. Contractors cannot be expected to possess equipment and the expertise like yours.

When you are in an industrial area and you employ the services of a landscaping contractor specialised in residential projects, he’s going to charge you additional as he’ll be moving from his usual areas and he’ll be spending extra time for obtaining your landscape.

Some equipment might be needed by him, all this adding to his expense. He might be having contracts in that region, allowing him to provide you with a cost when hiring the services of a contractor. It’ll be advisable to ask so as to receive a good deal who’s providing services for the neighbors. You probably have clients visiting your assumptions often.

It is imperative to possess a nice looking place all of the time, and that’s potential through a decent and regular landscape maintenance. You would not want a visitor to sue you to get hurt by tripping more than a tree trunk or root.

Landscape Architecture

There are various things to consider in landscape design. Landscaping may be a project or could be done by landscape professionals such as contractors and landscape architects.

According to Oxford Dictionary landscaping is:

  1. The process of making a garden or other piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs.

‘we will carry out minor repair works to the building’s facade and supervise the landscaping of the extensive grounds’

More example sentences

  1. Pieces of land that have been landscaped.

‘LA is a wonderful place for walking for pleasure, with great weather and beautiful landscaping and houses’

The period of time and work place in landscaping should also be taken into consideration. Typically, the initial step in landscaping is planning.

Computer software may be utilized to model the property being landscaped. Lists are made for the types of substances for use, the types of crops to be added after the picture can be seen.

In the beginning stage of landscape planning, subject and the components need to be decided.

Installing an irrigation system might require a pro landscaping contractor. Sprinklers pipes and timer with system needs to be included in landscaping plans.

In case the landscaping motif includes a pond, waterfalls, fountains or pools, a landscaping service also needs to be considered.

When landscaping the quantity of light should be taken into consideration. Various kinds of lighting at night time can add to a picture’s effects.

Soil testing is included by a few.

The types of materials might depend on the structures to be constructed on the landscape. Include shrubs, trees, grass, flowers and hedges. The quantity of maintenance with tasks that are associated has to be taken into consideration when planning a landscape.

These jobs include, but are not limited to lawn maintenance, leaf removal, fertilizing, cleaning and mowing along with a few other types of yard work.

Snow Removal Also?

When choosing a landscaping company you want to consider your winter season also. Some commercial landscape contractors also offer Ottawa commercial snow removal – we do.

So consider your snow removal jobs like salting would have to be contemplated on plants which are part of the landscape for its effects.

Benefits of a Ottawa Commercial Landscape Contractor

If a landscaping property requires too much maintenance because of their owners to perform it themselves or if a particular project or job needs to be done, landscape professionals needs to be brought in to assist, specifically for very large problems.

Landscape contractors may also perform certain construction activities such as terraces, driveways, pools and baseball fields.

Some landscape service businesses perform landscape architect design in addition to contracting. Planning, designing, building, raking, pruning along with mowing lawns are only some of the landscaping solutions which are done by landscaping designers and landscape contractors.

Other landscaping tasks that may be tackled contain small construction projects such as building a deck, pond or wall either because of privacy or land conservation. Landscapers provide services for many various kinds of property whether residential, commercial or industrial.

In Summary

There are many things to consider when investing in commercial landscaping:

  • How to increase attractiveness of property
  • Ease of use of walkways for residents and clients
  • The return on investment (ROI) Of commerical Landscaping
  • Managing costs of initial landscaping and upkeep
  • Architectural designs
  • Choosing the right Ottawa commercial landscape contractor

When you get clarity on all the components and have a specific criteria for landscaping I virtually guarantee you will be able to save time, energy, and money.

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